Eesti Pank research award 2021

Eesti Pank has announced a competition for a research prize dedicated to the memory of Urmas Sepp to be awarded for economic research by young Estonian researchers.

In 2021 Eesti Pank will grant the award in two categories, with one award of 2300 euros for research leading to a PhD thesis or done as part of doctoral studies, and the other of 1300 euros for research leading to a master's dissertation or done as part of a master's course.

The competition is open to young Estonian scientists who are under 35 when the competition is announced and are studying on a master's or doctoral course accredited by the Estonian Ministry of Education. From 2013, the competition is also open to anyone who has already received a master's degree or doctoral degree from such a course. Groups of researchers can enter the competition as long as all the members of the research group meet these conditions.

To enter the competition, applicants should submit the following documents to Eesti Pank on paper or electronically by 15 September 2021:

  • a correctly-formatted work of research or publication in Estonian or English;
  • a written declaration of entry in the competition, giving the author(s) of the work; contact details for the author (name, address, educational institution, and telephone number or email address); when and where the research was done; and which other competitions the work has been entered in.
  • a biography of the author or authors;
  • the diploma for the master's or doctoral degree conferred on the author or authors, or a confirmation issued by the university department that the author is studying on a master's or doctoral course;
  • a three-page summary of the research work entered in the competition.

Please send the documents to: Rahapoliitika ja majandusuuringute osakond, Eesti Pank, Estonia pst 13, 15095 Tallinn, or by email to [email protected].

Eesti Pank will announce the results of the competition on its website by 1 November 2021 at the latest.