Exchange Estonian kroon banknotes and coins for euros

Estonian kroon banknotes and coins can be exchanged for euros at the shop of the Eesti Pank Museum at the central exchange rate which is EUR 1 = EEK 15.6466, and for an unlimited period of time. The purpose is to withdraw Estonian kroons from circulation.

If you want to exchange more than 3,000 banknotes or the value of the kroon banknotes is over EUR 3,000 (EEK 50,000), you need to fix an appointment with the Sales Coordinator.

If you want to exchange Estonian kroon coins and notes into euros, please remember to bring identification with you.

Note: Estonian kroons cannot be exchanged by mail. If you wish to exchange your Estonian kroons for euro cash, please visit Eesti Pank Museum. Eesti Pank will not be responsible for any banknotes and coins lost in the mail.