The coin dedicated to the centenary of Estonia’s National University will use a design by Indrek Ilves



The Eesti Pank Supervisory Board approved the design for the two-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the centenary of Estonia’s National University by the artist Indrek Ilves.

The two-euro coin for the centenary of the national university will enter circulation in November 2019.

The University of Tartu was founded as an Estonian language university in the early days of the Republic of Estonia, laying the foundation for higher education in Estonian and creating an educated Estonian society that had a major role in the development of Estonian national culture.

Indrek Ilves is a graphic designer working in Tallinn and is best known for designing postage stamps. He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in graphic design and has worked as a designer producing stamps. He currently works as a stamp designer at Eesti Post, and over 18 years he has designed more than 100 stamps for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania. Last year he designed the silver stamp issued for the centenary of the Republic of Estonia.

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