Eesti Pank issues the new five-euro banknote into circulation today

Eesti Pank started releasing the new, second series five-euro banknote to orders from the commercial banks today. They will then enter into circulation through banks, cash machines, retailers and the other standard channels.

At the same time Eesti Pank will continue releasing new five-euro banknotes of the first series until stocks run out. This means that the new five-euro banknotes will enter circulation only gradually. All the central banks of the euro area are following the same procedure.

Banknotes of the first series will continue to be valid for payment, and there is no limit on when they can be exchanged at the central bank. They will gradually be withdrawn from circulation and at some point they will cease to be legal tender. An announcement will be made well in advance.

The five-euro notes have some new and enhanced security features, with a portrait watermark, a portrait hologram and an emerald-coloured number. The hologram and watermark feature a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology, and Europa will also appear as a recognition mark on all the other notes of the second series. The emerald number is printed on the lower left side of the note, and its colour changes from emerald to dark blue when the note is tilted. The new note also features short raised lines on the right and left edges of the banknote, which will be particularly useful for the visually impaired.

The overall design of the new banknotes is the same as for the first series, continuing the theme of 'ages and styles' and with the same dominant colours. The five-euro note is grey and features the classical style of architecture.

For more detailed information on the second series of banknotes, see

In April the European Central Bank sent out a brochure on the security features of the new five-euro banknote by direct mail to Estonian companies across Estonia. The brochure was sent to 8735 companies.

Eesti Pank will distribute the cash handler booklets through various partners, and additional copies may be requested from Eesti Pank by emailing info [at] The training and the publications are both free.

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