Eesti Pank is issuing one million two-euro Song Celebration coins into circulation



On 29 May at 11.00, Eesti Pank will present the two-euro circulating coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Song Celebration, which uses a design chosen through a drawing competition for children and a public online vote. After the presentation to the invited audience, the coin will go on sale at 14.00 in the Independence Hall of Eesti Pank. The Song Celebration coin was designed by Grete-Lisette Gulbis from Tõrva. A total of 1 million coins will be minted, of which 10,000 will be BU quality and sold on a coin card.

The Song Celebration coin and coin card will be on sale in the Independence Hall of Eesti Pank from 14.00-17.00. The Eesti Pank Museum will be closed on this day. The two-euro Song Celebration coin and coin card will be available from the Omniva online shop from 11.00. Eesti Pank will put one fifth of the Song Celebration coins directly into retail circulation so that the coin will be used to give change from shop tills, while 10,000 coins will be sold together with the coin card. The coin cards cannot be reserved and up to five can be bought at once.

Grete-Lisette said that the design was inspired by the national costumes and shouts of joy in the Song Celebration procession and the rows of Song Celebration participants moving like waves on the sea.


A drawing competition in autumn 2017 received 8000 submissions by children, from which a jury selected 96 drawings to go before the final selection panel. The initial jury consisted of staff of the central bank and each drawing was considered by at least three people. The coin selection panel convened in January 2018 then chose eight drawings, with two from each age group, to be entered in the three-week long public online vote. The design by Grete-Lisette Gulbis received 2887 votes, which was 35% of the total of 8322.

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