Eesti Pank is issuing a two-euro coin on 21 May dedicated to the Estonian national flower, the cornflower



  • The coin will enter circulation through banks and shops on 21 May
  • One million of the coins have been minted
  • There are 12,000 two-euro coin cards, which will sell for 12.20 euros   
  • The coin and coin card will go on sale at 09.00 on 21 May in the Omniva online shop. Coins and coin cards will be available from the Eesti Pank museum from 12.00 on the same day

Eesti Pank is issuing a two-euro coin dedicated to the Estonian national flower, the cornflower, on 21 May as part of the series of coins showing Estonian national symbols. The distinctive blue cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, was chosen as the Estonian national flower in 1968. The coin dedicated to the cornflower shows a stylised flower leaning towards the viewer in its natural environment of a windblown field of cereal. The flowers of the whole cornflower have an eight-pointed motif at the centre that is an Estonian folk design and symbol that is commonly found in traditional patterns as a sign of luck and a symbol of love.

A total of one million coins have been minted, of which 12,000 are BU (brilliant uncirculated) quality and are sold on a coin card, and the coins were minted by the Mint of Finland. The two-euro commemorative coins with the special design are valid as legal tender throughout the euro area and they are issued into circulation through banks and shops.

The coin was designed by Kaupo Kangro, whose main work is architectural design. Designing coins is a hobby and he has entered several design competitions, including several previous Eesti Pank coin design competitions.

The coin card was designed by Vladimir Taiger, who was also one of the designers of the Estonian kroon banknotes.

Sales of the coin

  • Coin rolls and coin cards are on sale in the Omniva online shop from 09.00 on 21 May.
  • Coins and coin cards will be available from the Eesti Pank museum at Estonia pst 11, Tallinn from 21 May during its opening hours from Tuesdays to Fridays 12.00-17.00 and on Saturdays 11.00-16.00. The Eesti Pank museum shop can be contacted on 6680 650
  • The Omniva customer service can be contacted by telephone on 661 6616 on working days from 09.00-20.00, and at weekends and on national holidays from 09.00–15.00, or by email at [email protected].

What are commemorative coins?

Commemorative coins are two-euro coins that are released into circulation, and that have a special commemorative design on the national side in place of the usual national design to commemorate a particular significant national or European event or topic. The coins are all legal tender throughout the euro area, so they can be used for payments like any other euro coin.

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