Eesti Pank transferred the next part of the sales revenue from its coin cards to Ukraine



Eesti Pank transferred a further 140,550 euros received from sales of the coin card holding the two-euro coin dedicated to Ukraine and Freedom to the Ukrainian central bank as part of its partnership project. A little over 35,000 of the coin cards have been sold by now and together with the first transfer in August last year, Eesti Pank has sent over 495,000 euros to Ukraine.

Purchases of the coin card with the two-euro coin for Ukraine have come most from Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine, Finland, the USA and Italy, and they have been bought in 53 countries.

The two-euro coin dedicated to Ukraine will entered general circulation in November 2022. Eesti Pank is issuing a total of two million of the two-euro coins dedicated to Ukraine and Freedom into circulation.

“The euro as the common currency we all carry in our wallets is a practical everyday item and is a symbol of a united Europe. From the practical point of view I am pleased to see that so many people in Estonia and other countries have helped support freedom in Ukraine by buying the coin card. There is great significance in the two-euro coin symbolising the fight of Ukraine for freedom and European values being available to people all across Europe”, said Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller.

Eesti Pank put 40,000 coin cards on sale at the start of July 2022 at a price of 18 euros, with the sales revenue from them going to support the Ukrainian central bank. The specially dedicated coin was designed by a young Ukrainian refugee studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Daria Titova, and the coin card was designed by Vladimir Taiger. The two-euro coin with a special design features the words Slava Ukraini and shows a girl as a symbol of tenderness, protecting a bird in her hand.

Eesti Pank is transferring all of the sales revenue from the coin card, minus VAT and the costs of the sales channels, to the Ukrainian central bank. The central bank transferred 354,117 euros in August 2022 and a further 140,550 euros in February this year. A total of 40,000 coin cards were made, of which some 4600 remain.

The coin card with the two-euro coin dedicated to Ukraine can be bought from the Eesti Pank Museum shop and the Omniva online store.

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