Estonia to attend the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank



Minister of Finance Sven Sester, Eesti Pank Deputy Governor Madis Müller and staff from Eesti Pank and the Ministry of Finance will attend the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank on 9–11 October in Lima, Peru. The Annual Meetings will mainly focus on the world economic outlook, risks to the global economy and the priorities of the IMF and the World Bank for the next half year.

The IMF meetings will mainly discuss the situation in the global economy and financial markets and the possible next steps for economic policy. The focus will be on emerging markets and on the international impacts of economic policy in various countries. The IMF believes that closer international cooperation is important alongside reform of national economic policies. How the IMF can react more flexibly to problems in individual countries and to global risks will also be discussed.

The Development Committee of the World Bank will discuss how the sustainable development goals can be achieved and challenges stemming from demographic changes. Topics that are important for ensuring the sustainable development of developing countries include better use of national resources, which includes improvement of tax systems, restrictions on illegal flows of funds, and the creation of infrastructure and jobs.

Estonia will be represented at the meetings by Minister of Finance Sven Sester and Chancellor of the Ministry of Finance Veiko Tali, and by Deputy Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller and Head of the International and Public Relations Department of Eesti Pank Raoul Lättemäe. During their visit, the Estonian representatives will meet the board of the IMF and representatives of the World Bank and several other international organisations. The main goal of the meetings is to talk about economic developments and policy in Estonia and the euro area.

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