Estonia is participating in the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund



Eesti Pank and the Ministry of Finance are attending the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on 9–13 April in Washington. The main topics of the meetings are the slowdown in global economic growth, reduction of risks, and the need to strengthen the resilience of countries.

Estonia will be represented in the spring meetings by Deputy Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller and by Vice Chancellor of the Ministry of Finance Märten Ross. Other experts from the central bank and the foreign ministry will also attend the meetings.

The meetings will discuss what fiscal and monetary policies are appropriate for the current state of the economy and how financial and structural reform should be used to improve the opportunities for growth. Preventing money laundering and maintaining financial stability are also on the agenda.

The meetings of the IMF and the World Bank are held twice a year and bring together high-level delegations from all the countries of the world to discuss key economic and financial questions and coordinate global economic policy.

For the schedule of the meetings, see the IMF website:

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