Hansab is affected by a cyber incident but bank services in Estonia are operating



Hansab services were being restored on Monday morning and banking services continue to operate. Eesti Pank will issue the next update on Tuesday.

A cyber incident on Friday means that the work of some of the Hansab IT systems has been interrupted. Hansab, working with Information System Authority, has already restored the operation of some of the services affected by the incident and is working to investigate the causes of it. The ATM, card payment and online banking services of the commercial banks are operating.

ATMs in Estonia have been filled with cash, the network of ATMs is operating and they are being filled as normal. Hansab is filling the ATMS in Estonia of Swedbank, Luminor and LHV as ordered by the banks.

Card payments and online transfers are operating as normal in all the Estonian banks. Eesti Pank constantly monitors the general demand for cash in the country and is ready to supply cash to the banks if needed.

Eesti Pank is coordinating cooperation between the state and private sectors to resolve the cyber incident. Eesti Pank will issue the next update on Tuesday.

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