Some 6000 people have already nominated their favourite design in the public vote for the Song Celebration coin, which has just a few days left to run



There have so far been 5955 votes cast in the public vote to choose a design for the two-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Song Celebration. The coin is particularly special because its design will be chosen from among drawings submitted by children, of which 8000 were entered in the competition.

Eesti Pank is inviting everyone in Estonia to vote for their favourite design at

The jury selected eight drawings by children from among the 8000 submitted to be entered in the public vote. The drawing that receives the most votes will be used for the design of the two-euro coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Song Celebration, which will enter circulation in 2019. The only country in the euro area to have previously used a children’s drawing competition to design a two-euro coin was Malta.

The artists behind all the drawings entered in the public vote will receive a prize. They are divided into four age groups and the artist of the most popular drawing in each age group will receive an iPad Pro with stylus as a prize. The second most popular will win a portable speaker.

Each person can vote only once. It is important to note that votes will only be counted after the voter has confirmed their choice. This is done by clicking a link that is sent to the email address entered in the registration form.

A draw will be held among all voters who give their email address to win one of 25 coin cards for the two-euro coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the song celebration. The prizes will be given out in the two months after the coin has been issued.

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