The Annual Report gives an overview of the central bank’s activities in the reporting year and the financial statement. The annexes to the Annual Report include a list of decrees issued by the Governor of Eesti Pank, a list of decisions adopted by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, and a list of Eesti Pank's publications issued during the year.

Estonian Economy and Monetary Policy (until the beginning of 2008 Monetary Developments and Policy Survey) gives a comprehensive overview of the economy and an economic forecast. It is published four times a year.

The Financial Stability Review is the main output of the financial stability analysis conducted by Eesti Pank. The review includes also the central bank’s assessment to Estonian financial stability and covers related policy measures. The Financial Stability Review is published twice a year. 

The Labour Market Review discusses the most important trends in the Estonian labour market, labour supply and demand, institutional developments of the labour market, and other related issues. The review is published twice a year.

The review of financing and lending in the Estonian non-financial sector covers banking and leasing statistics, financial accounts analysis and credit supply and demand. It is published once a year.

The Estonian Competitiveness Report is a new publication by Eesti Pank that will in future appear annually. There are several different possible approaches to analysing competitiveness, and this report considers many widely used groups of competitiveness indicators. Competitiveness is analysed through: 1) Estonian export capacity (relative productivity growth, changes in export indicators and similar); 2) Relative price and cost competitiveness indicators.

The Working Papers are summaries of the research conducted by Eesti Pank. The target group of the Working Papers includes, above all, economists and economic experts, and the papers are published often only in English.

The Eesti Pank Occasional Papers is a new series of papers where the bank will publish reviews of its analysis and research work. The papers will cover a wide range of topical subjects and may be of interest to everyone interested in economics, including professional economists, political decision-makers, people in business, and anyone who simply wants to know more about economics.

The Balance of Payments Yearbook is a longer analysis of annual external sector statistics, which includes a number of graphs. In addition, the yearbook contains a chapter on the methodology: balance of payments terms and definitions, the compilation system, the legal basis, data protection , and principles for the dissemination and revision of data. It is published once a year in August.

Various reviews, papers free of charge, reports on commissioned surveys, etc.