Quarterly reporting by companies

Eesti Pank, as a national statistical agency, collects the data needed to produce and publish the balance of payments in accordance with the legal requirements in the Eesti Pank Act § 34 and the National statistics Act § 8. The information collected in the reports allows Eesti Pank to meet its responsibilities to the European Central Bank, Eurostat and the International Monetary Fund and to provide data users at home and abroad with valuable datasets for analysing the economy.

The sample for the balance of payments covers companies whose activities are important for Estonia’s external economy. Quarterly reports must be submitted by companies that Eesti Pank has sent a notification to.

Reports can be submitted through the data submission portal. The due date for submitting data is the 25 day of the month after the quarter ends.

We would ask you to read the guidelines before filling the report form in. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your data administrator at Eesti Pank.

By law, Eesti Pank ensures organisational, technological and physical protection of the data submitted in the reports. All data are used for statistical purposes only and are disseminated in consolidated form without identifiable features.

Reports and guideline

Report Report code Periodicity Guideline

Balance of payments report form E

1010 quarter Guideline

Balance of payments report form T


Balance of payments report form K


Balance of payments report form R