Signs of improvement in exports are apparent
Foreign demand started to revive a little at the end of last year, and it continued to do so in the...
The poor performance of foreign markets is hindering exports
The enduring pessimism in foreign markets has reduced demand in the most important markets for...
Difficulties in exporting have not eased
Foreign markets remained pessimistic in the second quarter and the slump in demand caused foreign...
Exporters are feeling stiff competition
The second half of last year was difficult for Estonian exporters. Exports were held back throughout...
The fall in exports is hurting GDP
Data from Statistics Estonia show that the Estonian economy shrank by 1.3% last year, with the...
It is becoming increasingly difficult for exporters to hold onto their market share
It is becoming increasingly difficult for Estonian exporters to hold onto the market share they have...
The growth in the market share of Estonian exports indicated an improvement in competitiveness
The latest Competitiveness Report from Eesti Pank describes how the market share of Estonian exports...
Growth was strong in Estonian exports at the end of the year, but it will be less so moving forwards
Estonia’s foreign trade was encouraged last year by the good position of the global economy and by...
The value of services exports was higher in the third quarter than it was before the pandemic
Estonia’s foreign trade grew strongly in the third quarter, mainly through demand from trading...
STATISTICAL RELEASE. Growth in exports of services brought the current account back into surplus
Eesti Pank will release the statistics for the balance of payments, the international...
Alongside the strong exports of goods, exports of services grew for the first time in a long time
Estonia’s foreign trade turnover grew for the second quarter in a row. This was supported by...
Estonia’s foreign trade turnover increased at the end of 2020
Overall economic activity in international markets increased at the end of last year, but foreign...
Signs of improvement in international trade were evident in the third quarter
Mari Rell Economist at Eesti Pank The increasing...
The impact of the pandemic on the trade in goods and services peaked in the second quarter
Mari Rell Economist at Eesti Pank Falling foreign...
Uncertainty has boosted saving
Natalja Viilmann Economist at Eesti Pank Uncertainty...
The cooling economy may threaten the ability of companies to service their loans
The latest financial stability review from Eesti Pank indicates that risks to the financial sector...
Despite slower growth in exports, the current account is in surplus
Natalja Viilmann Economist at Eesti Pank Weakening...
The goods deficit widens as export growth slows
Ilmar Lepik Economist at Eesti Pank Estonian...
2017 was a good year for exports
Kristo Aab Economist at Eesti Pank The biggest...
The speed of growth in the Estonian economy is set by the competitiveness of the country and its companies
A favourable external environment has encouraged Estonian exports and the economy Faster growth...
There have been several positive changes in Estonian exports this year says Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik
Speaking at a conference for industry on Tuesday, Ülo Kaasik said that there have been a series of...
Estonian economic growth in 2015 was the slowest of the past six years
Real household incomes and sales by companies in the domestic market have increased rapidly, but...
Ardo Hansson: The loss of market share for the Estonian exporting sector indicates there are problems with competitiveness
In a presentation at the annual conference of the Estonian Economic Association, Ardo Hansson,...
More complex exports help lead to faster growth
Natalja Viilmann and Jaanika Meriküll Eesti Pank...


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