€2 commemorative coins

"10th anniversary of the introduction of the euro as a currency" SOLD OUT

Year: 2012

"30th anniversary of the flag of the European Union" SOLD OUT

Year: 2015

"100th anniversary of the birth of Paul Keres" SOLD OUT

Year: 2016

"Estonia’s Road to Independence" SOLD OUT

Year: 2017

"Centenary of the Baltic States" SOLD OUT

Year: 2018

"Centenary of the Republic of Estonia" SOLD OUT

Year: 2018

"150th anniversary of the Song Celebration" SOLD OUT

Year: 2019

"Centenary of the first Estonian language university" SOLD OUT

Year: 2019

"200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica" SOLD OUT

Year: 2020

"Centenary of the Tartu Peace Treaty" SOLD OUT

Year: 2020

"Finno-Ugric peoples" ON SALE

Year: 2021

"Estonian national animal, the wolf" ON SALE

Dedicated to the Estonian national animal, the wolf
Date of issue: 20.10.2021 

"150th anniversary of the Society of Estonian Literati" ON SALE

The two-euro coin issued by Eesti Pank to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Society of Estonian Literati
Designer: Riho Luuse
Mintage: 1 000 000
Date of issue: 09.03.2022

"35th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme" ON SALE

The two-euro coin dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme is a joint commemorative coin that is issued in all the countries of the euro area.

Designer: Joaquin Jimenez
Mintage in Estonia: 1 000 000

Date of issue: 01.07.2022

"Ukraine and freedom" ON SALE

The two-euro coin for Ukraine and Freedom features the words Slava Ukraini and shows a girl as a symbol of tenderness, protecting a bird in her hand. The design also features an ear of wheat.

Designer: Daria Titova
Mintage: 2 000 000
Date of issue: 29.11.2022

Estonian national bird, barn swallow ON SALE

Designer Kaupo Kangro
Mintage 1 000 000
Date of issue: 12.05.2023