Confirmed programme of issuing collector and commemorative coins

The Eesti Pank Executive Board confirmed the programme of issuing collector and commemorative coins for 2023.

The technical details for the coins, with the nominal value, size and weight of collector coins, and the mintage and issue date are published by Eesti Pank well before the coins are released

The programme for issuing coins for 2023

Two-euro commemorative coin
The Estonian national bird, the barn swallow
Silver coin
Estonian farming couple
Silver coin
The 150th anniversary of the birth of Konstantin Konik

Suggestions for minting collector and commemorative are welcome from everyone, and can be sent through the Eesti Pank website, by email or by post. Suggestions for coins to be minted in 2025 can be sent until the end of August this year. All the suggestions are considered by an advisory committee invited by Eesti Pank, and their expert opinions and recommendations are used as the basis for the Executive Board of Eesti Pank to decide which coins to mint.