In April 2012, Eesti Pank, the Estonian Banking Association and the Ministry of Finance entered into a tripartite cooperation agreement that would support the balanced and sustainable development of the Estonian payment market. The forum also helps the market adapt to changes in the international payment services market by promoting cooperation and the exchange of information between participants and the forum.

The main roles of the Estonian Payment Forum are to

  • develop the payments market and improve payments

  • provide consultation on changes to the rules that affect the payments market, and on how such rules are adopted or implemented, and to collect feedback and analyse the practical implementation of rules

  • organise a smooth transition of the Estonian market to the payments market following the rules of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and contribute to the functioning of the necessary organisational, technical and legal solutions

  • raise awareness of payment arrangements, payment services and the payments market

  • involve interested institutions and businesses in discussion of the problems of the payments market and help agree common positions

  • exchange information and experience to give a better understanding of the payments market and the interests and expectations of participants in the payments market

  • make recommendations for how payment services could be improved

The forum is led by Eesti Pank, working closely with the Ministry of Finance and the Estonian Banking Association. The members of the forum are Estonian credit institutions; users of payment systems; stakeholder representatives including the public sector and business and trade organisations; and infrastructure companies. The forum meets twice a year. More detailed information about the Estonian Payment Forum, including the topics discussed there and the participants, can be found in Estonian at .