The central bank is to support projects presenting topics from economics



Eesti Pank will provide support of up to 15,000 euros a year from this year for projects presenting the economic history of Estonia. Applications for support may be submitted each year until 31 August.

By providing the financial support, the central bank wants to encourage efforts that will help give a greater understanding of the Estonian economy and the functioning of the economy and banking more generally, of the work and history of the central bank, and of the contributions of historically important figures in economics. The projects may produce printed materials, television and radio programmes, documentary films, exhibitions, events and similar.

Eesti Pank has earlier helped preserve and present the economic and financial history of Estonia, by supporting for example the compilation and publication of the collected works of Ragnar Nurkse, Otto Strandman and Rudolf Jalakas. Eesti Pank has also awarded a research prize since 1993 dedicated to Urmas Sepp, which rewards the economic research of young Estonian researchers.

Proposals for projects that could receive support may be submitted until 31 August each year. A decision will be taken about the proposals received by this date within the same calendar year. The applications are considered by a committee of experts at the central bank, and the final decision is taken by the executive board of Eesti Pank.

More information on applying the support can be found on the Eesti Pank website in Estonian.