The design competition for the collector coin dedicated to Eduard Vilde is won by Mait Luidalepp



The panel convened by Eesti Pank to choose the design for a silver collector coin dedicated to the work of the writer Eduard Vilde declared Mait Luidalepp as the winner of the competition for his design based around the titles of Vilde's works. The silver coin will have a nominal value of ten euros and will be issued by Eesti Pank at the start of March to mark the 150th anniversary of Vilde’s birth.

The coin dedicated to the work of Vilde will help the people of Estonia remember one of their most prolific writers, who wrote novels, plays, satires, novellas, stories, travelogues and newspaper articles. He could fairly be called the first professional Estonian writer.

The winning design uses titles from Vilde’s works such as The Inscrutable Mystery, The Peasant War at Mahtra and The Man in the Black Cloak. A total of twelve titles or parts of titles of works by Vilde are featured on the coin. The winning design will be published once it has been approved by the Eesti Pank Supervisory Board. The winning designer Mait Luidalepp is a cartographer and designer from Tartu and runs Maidu Design OÜ.

There were 41 designs entered in the competition and second place went to Lauri Särak, third to Taavet Kohal, fourth to Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets and fifth to Margus Kadarik and Toomas Niklus.

Once the coin is released, the winning designer will receive a prize of 2000 euros while the second-placed design will win 700 euros, the third-placed 500, the fourth 200 and the fifth 100. Where designers have worked together on a design, they will have to share the prize money.

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