Eesti Pank is celebrating its centenary with exhibitions of the private collections of banknote and coin collectors



The series of exhibitions of the treasures of Estonian coin collectors dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Eesti Pank will open officially in the Eesti Pank museum at Estonia pst 11 on Friday 18 January at 15.30. The first exhibition of tsarist era scrip coins or token coins displays the collection of numismatist Kaupo Laan.

Scrip is locally issued tokens that only have value in a few limited locations or businesses. Kaupo Laan has given the exhibition some of the rarest scrip coins in his collection, those which were used in Estonia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The coins on show include some from the Kreenholm Manufactory, the Tartu Taara Selts and Union Reval sports clubs, and the Consumverein Dorpat consumers’ association in Tartu.

Kaupo Laan has been collecting coins since he was five years old. His collection centres around Estonian coins and contains circulation coins from the Republic of Estonia, error coins and test coins, medals from the currency reform, and scrip token coins. It contains a hundred or so such token coins.

The series of exhibitions will run throughout 2019, with six different exhibitions. They will feature the design of the first Estonian money, paper scrip, money as jewellery, error currency, and coins with special designs.

Eesti Pank will celebrate its centenary through the exhibitions by displaying this unusual currency and offering a symbolic gift to collectors.

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