Eesti Pank is issuing a two-euro coin on 19 November dedicated to the centenary of the first Estonian-language university



  • One million of the coins will be minted
  • There will be 7500 coin cards, which will sell for 10 euros
  • Sales of the coin will start on 19 November at 12.00 in the Eesti Pank Museum shop and in the Omniva online shop.
  • The coins and coin cards together with stamps and a first-day cover will also be on sale on that day in the University of Tartu

A two-euro commemorative coin and a postage stamp dedicated to the centenary of the first Estonian language university will be presented on 19 November at 12.00 in the white hall of the University of Tartu at Lossi 25, Tartu.

The Estonian language University of Tartu was established in the early days of the Republic of Estonia and promoted higher education in Estonian to create an educated national society that could play an important role in the development of the Estonian state, society and culture. This happened 100 years ago.

To mark this important event, Eesti Pank is issuing into circulation 1 million two-euro circulating coins with a special design, of which 17,500 will be BU finish (brilliant uncirculated) and presented on a coin card as mementos. A stamp dedicated to the university will be put on sale by Omniva on the same day. Both the commemorative coin and the stamp were designed by the artist Indrek Ilves.

Indrek Ilves is a graphic designer working in Tallinn, who is best known as a designer of postage stamps. He graduated in graphic design from the Estonian Academy of Arts, and currently works as a stamp designer for Eesti Post. Over 18 years he has designed more than 100 stamps for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania. He also designed the stamp in pure silver issued last year for the centenary of the Republic of Estonia.

The stamp for the centenary of the university has a nominal value of 0.65 euro, which is the letter rate for letters within Estonia. In total 30,000 stamps will be printed by the Vaba Maa printing house and a first day cover will be issued with the stamp and a first day cancellation will be used.

The coins and coin cards together with the stamps and the first-day covers will be available to purchase after the official presentation on 19 November in the museum of the University of Tartu. They will go on sale at 12.30, with the coin remaining on sale in Tartu until 17.00 and the stamp until 15.00.

The two-euro commemorative coin and coin card will also be available from the Omniva online shop and the Eesti Pank Museum shop at Estonia pst 11, Tallinn, from midday on 19 November. Of the 17,500 coin cards, 7500 will go on general sale while the remaining 10,000 are destined for the University of Tartu. The coin card costs ten euros and up to five can be bought at once. The coin cards cannot be booked in advance.

Eesti Pank will send up to one fifth of the coins to retailers as needed, and has worked with G4S to release them to retailers in Tartu on the day of issue.

The Eesti Pank Museum and museum shop are open from Tuesdays to Fridays 12-17 and on Saturdays at 11-16.

Print-quality photographs of the coin and the coin card can be found on the Eesti Pank website.

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