Eesti Pank is putting historical kroon collector coins on sale



Eesti Pank is putting on sale collector coins denominated in kroons to mark the 30th anniversary of the currency reform that introduced the kroon. Some of the coins had previously been withdrawn from sale. The central bank will put the rarest collector coins up for auction and the rest will go on sale through the Omniva online store.

Coin collectors will be able to buy the Estonian kroon collector coins issued in 1992-2010 from Wednesday at 12.00. Some of the coins have been on sale without interruption, but some of them were kept in the intervening years in the vaults of the central bank as a historical reserve. The central bank now considers that a smaller reserve of coins needs to be kept for historical purposes, and so some of the coins can be put on sale to collectors.

Coin collectors can for example buy the silver coin from 1992 with three swallows on it that marked the return to circulation of the Estonian kroon, or the coin minted with spokes to mark the centenary of the Estonian National Museum. Coins with spokes are a rare type of jewellery that was worn in Estonia in ancient times and is considered to give the wearer protection and luck. Several other coins dedicated to the Republic of Estonia, Estonian athletes, and important dates will also go on sale.

The sale, including the first auctions, will start on Wednesday at 12.00:

A miniature gold bar will go on sale from 21 June as a special product to mark the anniversary of the monetary reform. The gold bar weighs 3.11 grams and will sell for 250 euros. It will only be on sale in the Eesti Pank Museum shop.

Eesti Pank is this year marking 30 years from the monetary reform that introduced the kroon. On 20 June 1992 the Estonian kroon became legal tender in Estonia, and it was the only legal currency in the country until the euro was introduced in 2011. In 1992-2010 Eesti Pank issued 17 silver collector coins, eight gold collector coins, and one platinum coin. Collector coins are minted in precious metals and many of them have by now increased in value, while conveying key events and features of national culture that are important for Estonian society.

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Please note that from 1 July 2022, VAT will be added to the price of all Eesti Pank collector coins and other products. Circulation coins and gold products will remain free of VAT.