Over 800 children visited the Art of Money exhibition in the Mikkel Museum



The Art of Money exhibition dedicated to the centenary of Eesti Pank proved very popular with school-age youngsters and more than 800 schoolchildren from across Estonia came to the Mikkel Museum to see it.

Loore Sundja, the educational curator of the exhibition, said that the children very much enjoyed recognising the Estonian kroons, as many of them had earlier come across those notes at home. The work of Estonian art that attracted most attention from the young visitors was the bronze sculpture of a deer by Jaan Koort that featured on the five-kroon coin, and which was returned to storage in the Tallinn City Museum after the exhibition, though its twin can be seen in Kumu Art Museum. They were also interested in the original technique of Siim-Tanel Annus, as his works of art inspired by money were displayed very effectively around the exhibition room.

The exhibition ran for three months and gave schools the chance to learn about the history of money, art, and the art of money in Estonia. Younger pupils got an introduction to the history of the Estonian state, while older ones learned more about Estonian history, culture and art history, and the economy.

The exhibition was prepared jointly by Eesti Pank and the Art Museum of Estonia and was on show in the Mikkel Museum in Kadriorg from 1 December to 10 March. It displayed banknotes designed by Estonian artists, works of Estonian art that had featured on money, and works of contemporary art inspired by Estonian money. The curator led tours of the exhibition and it featured an educational programme and a discussion evening. A total of 2900 people visited the exhibition.

A book written by the curators Tiina-Mall Kreem and Triin Siiner and designed by Angelika Schneider on the art of money in Estonia 1918–2018 was chosen as one of the 25 most beautiful books in Estonia.


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