The specially designed two-euro coins are no longer available from Eesti Pank



The two-euro circulation coin with the special design that was issued by Eesti Pank on 10 December is no longer in stock at the shop or online shop of the Eesti Pank Museum. Coins can be received now as they circulate with other currency.

There has been a lot of interest within Estonia in the coin and the coin packs with 25 uncirculated coins in each have now sold out. Coins can be received individually in change from the museum shop, other shops or elsewhere in normal circulation.

Eesti Pank would like to thank those who waited in queues outside the museum shop for their patience and understanding.

Eesti Pank will be completing some orders from European wholesalers in the week ahead, but will not be doing so in full because interest in Estonia was so high.

Two-euro coins on a souvenir presentation card are still available from the museum shop. The presentation card costs €7 and up to five can be bought at once.

The next two-euro circulation coin with a special design is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Paul Keres and will be issued on 7 January. Further information will be published on the Eesti Pank website.

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