Spending by inbound visitors up by 20 million euros in Q2



There were close to 1.8 m visitors from abroad, an increase of 7% when compared with Q2 of 2016.  While the number of visitors from Finland remained stable, accounting for one-third of the total, the trips made by residents of other EU Member States increased by one-tenth.

Residents of Russia made 210 000 visits to Estonia, representing a 3% rise over the past year. The number of tourists from the US increased by a quarter and there were more visitors from Spain (a 40% rise), Latvia (15%) and the UK (27%). Trips from Poland and Belarus have, by contrast, fallen. 

The number of visitors staying overnight was up 5%, compared with Q2 of 2016. The average length of stay was the same as a year earlier at 4 days. Same-day visitors accounted for around a half (49%) of the total inbound visitors and their number increased by 9% compared to a year ago.

Visitors from abroad spent an estimated total of 415,000,000 euros, which was 20,000,000 euros more than a year ago. 

In the second quarter of 2017, residents of Estonia made around 1,000,000 visits to foreign countries, which was 13% more than a year earlier1.80% of the visits were made to other EU Member States. There was a notable increase in the number of visits to Belgium and Greece. The number of trips to CIS countries increased by one-fifth: there were 75% more visits to Ukraine compared to a year ago. As usual, Finland was the top destination, with 170,000 visits, which, however, represented a 8% decline from a year ago. Trips to Norway also fell by 11%.

Outbound overnight visits increased by 13%, while their average length remained at 3.5 days. Same-day visits accounted for 14% of the total, showing a 9% increase.

Visitors from Estonia spent an estimated total of 300,000,000 euros, which was 20,000,000 euros more than in Q2 of 2016.

1 The number of trips abroad and the number of visits abroad are not the same, as one trip abroad may include visits to several countries.

The movement of travellers has a noticeable effect on the exports and imports of travel services in the Estonian balance of payments. The balance of payments statistics for the second quarter of 2017 will be published on September 7.

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