Economic Research at Eesti Pank

The objective of economic research at Eesti Pank is to provide a strong conceptual and empirical foundation for making sound monetary policy and financial stability decisions. Research contributes to the economic forecasts and financial stability assessment of Eesti Pank by developing economic models. The research results are also used as an input for the economic policy discussions in Estonia and the European System of Central Banks. Research seeks to meet high academic standards and to be of practical policy relevance. In addition to publications in refereed international academic journals, active participation in scientific meetings and close cooperation with the academic research community are integral parts of the research objectives.

Research is conducted on the basis of a three-year strategic research plan, which establishes the framework for the main annual research projects. The main research areas are:

  1. the development of the central bank’s system of macroeconomic and banking models,
  2. monetary policy,
  3. financial sector research, and
  4. real economy.

Research produced by bank´s economists is published in the Working Papers Series of Eesti Pank.