Research seminars of Eesti Pank

Economists and people interested in economics are kindly invited to attend the research seminars of Eesti Pank. The goal of the research seminars is to promote exchange of ideas between the central bank, the academic community and economic policy institutions.

The program of research seminars was launched in 2000. To date, over 150 economists and experts of Eesti Pank and other institutions have lectured at these seminars.

Due to limited space and the bank’s security rules, participants are asked to register to the seminar electronically through the registration link under Eesti Pank’s calendar by the date indicated in the invitation. For further information about registration, please contact Liina Kulu by e-mail [email protected].

Research seminars in 2024

23 May:
András Borsos (Magyar Nemzeti Bank):
"Firm-level production networks: what do we (really) know?"

16 May:
Julia Le Blanc (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission):
"Housing Wealth Across Countries: The Role of Expectations, Institutions and Preferences"

07 March
Fabio Canova (BI Norwegian Business School):
"A way forward: practical DSGE models"

22 February 
Nicolas Gavoille (SSE Riga):
"Off the books, on the hooks? Employment, wages, and labor tax audits"

31 January 
Emmanuel Dhyne (National Bank of Belgium):
"Using B2B transactions data for research and analysis: the experience of the National Bank of Belgium"