Eesti Pank transferred the next part of the sales revenue from its coin cards to Ukraine
Eesti Pank transferred a further 140,550 euros received from sales of the coin card holding the...
Two-euro coins dedicated to Ukraine enter circulation from today
Eesti Pank is today issuing two million of the two-euro coins with a special design dedicated to...
The slowdown in economic growth has not reached the labour market
The labour market remained strong in the third quarter even though exports were weaker, industrial...
Companies need to find their own formula for adapting says Ülo Kaasik
Deputy Governor of Eesti Pank Ülo Kaasik said that the ability of companies to adapt will be...
Estonia gave Ukraine 350,000 euros from the sales of the two-euro coin card
Eesti Pank marked Ukrainian independence day by transferring the first 354,117 euros received from...
Labour market remained strong in the second quarter
Situation in the labour market continued to be favourable in the second quarter – there were 4.9%...
The coin card featuring the two-euro coin for Ukraine went on sale
Please note: The coin card can also be purchased from the Eesti Pank museum shop from 26 July. On...
The coin card featuring the two-euro coin for Ukraine goes on sale
On Friday, Eesti Pank starts selling the coin card featuring the two-euro coin dedicated to Ukraine...
The broader impact on the economy of Russia’s war will be felt in the second half of the year
The Estonian economy started the year in a very strong position, but growth in it will slow. Growth...
Energy prices continued to climb in May
Data from Statistics Estonia show that inflation remained high in May, touching 20% over the year....
One euro in ten that is spent under the state budget is not covered by revenues says Madis Müller
The central bank is reducing its monetary policy support for the economy because the boost to...
The economy remained strong in the first quarter
The Estonian economy grew by 4.3% over the year to the first quarter, and by 0.1% over the fourth...
Support for the economy during the current crisis needs to be different from that during the pandemic says Madis Müller
“A strong economic stimulus was needed during the pandemic from both the central bank and the...
The International Monetary Fund recommends that support be targeted more precisely
Estonia will need to use its budget resources for the extraordinary costs caused by the war in...
Republic of Estonia: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2022 Article IV Mission
A Concluding Statement describes the preliminary findings of IMF staff at the end of an official...
Employment grew fast at the start of the year
There were 5.1% more people in employment in the first quarter of this year than a year earlier, and...
The impact of the war in Ukraine has reached inflation
Consumer prices were up 18.8% on average on the year in April 2022. Prices were on average 3.5%...
Eesti Pank issued 336 million euros of cash in the first quarter of the year
In the first quarter of 2022 Eesti Pank issued 8.9 million banknotes into circulation with a total...
The two-euro coin for Ukraine will use a design by a student refugee from the war
Eesti Pank is planning to issue into circulation a two-euro coin dedicated to Ukraine and freedom...
The war has so far had a modest impact on the lending market in Estonia
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused Estonian companies and households to be somewhat more cautious...
The banks have sufficient buffers to cope with an increase in problem loans
The latest financial stability review from Eesti Pank finds that the capacity of companies and...
Each additional euro injected in the economy must be well targeted says Ülo Kaasik
Eesti Pank is forecasting that inflation in the Estonian economy this year will average above 10%,...
Estonia to participate in the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
Madis Müller, Governor of Eesti Pank, and Märten Ross, Counsellor for External Relations at the...
The Estonian labour market was in a strong position at the start of this year
The Estonian labour market recovered strongly from the Covid-19 crisis in the second half of 2021...
High inflation will reduce purchasing power
The consumer basket was 15.2% more expensive in March than a year earlier. The biggest driver of the...
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will affect the Estonian economy through supply difficulties and higher inflation
How the Estonian and global economies perform will for the time being be steered by Russia’s...
Growth was strong in Estonian exports at the end of the year, but it will be less so moving forwards
Estonia’s foreign trade was encouraged last year by the good position of the global economy and by...
Uncertainty in commodities markets is causing strong price pressures
The consumer basket rose in price by 12% in February. Prices were up on the year by 36% for energy,...
Real wages fell because inflation was high
Data released today by Statistics Estonia show that the average wage was up by 7.3% in the fourth...
Economic growth will slow
Growth in the economy in 2021 exceeded expectations, but it will be slower from here on. The...


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The Executive Board meets with Director of the European Department at the IMF Alfred Kammer
Governor Madis Müller participates in the panel discussion “Crisis response of the National Bank of Ukraine and implications for the wider region” at Vienna Initiative´s virtual meeting
Eesti Pank starts selling the coin card featuring the two-euro coin dedicated to Ukraine and freedom
Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik participates in the conference Monetary Policy in a New European Reality hosted by the Narodowy Bank Polski