Invite an exhibition over

Would you like to know more about the euro or the history of Estonian money? If you can’t come to the museum, the museum can come to you. We’ve put together two travelling exhibitions: one providing an overview of the history of Estonian money and the other centring on the euro and the euro area and describing in detail the security features of euro notes.

The exhibitions have been compiled in such a way that they can be shown separately or together.

The exhibition on the history of Estonian money is placed on two two-sided modules measuring 3 m (width) and 2.3 m (height). The text is in Estonian, Russian and English.

The exhibition introducing the euro is presented on one such module. The text is in Estonian and Russian.

The exhibitions include free information leaflets “From the Mark to the Kroon” and “Euro Cash” in Estonian, Russian and English.

To order a travelling exhibition, send an e-mail at [email protected] or call +372 668 0760. Be sure to specify where, in which rooms and when you’d like to show the exhibition.

The transport, installation and presentation of the exhibitions is free of charge.

Estonian Money from the Mark to the Kroon

The exhibition provides an overview of the currencies in circulation in Estonia since 1918: the Estonian mark – the first national currency in 1918–1927, and the „old“ and the „new“ kroon, the former in circulation in 1928–1940 and the latter in 1992–2010. The historical coins and banknotes open up an interesting perspective on the history of the Estonian economy and statehood, but also offer a glimpse into our cultural and art history.

The exhibition was created in 2006 in cooperation with the Estonian History Museum.

The Euro

In 2011, Estonia adopted the euro, which is not only a strong and reliable currency but also a powerful symbol of Europe’s unity.

The exhibition presents an overview of the common currency and the history of the euro area, the design and security features of euro coins and banknotes, and the commemorative and collector coins issued in Estonia since 2011.

The exhibition was created in 2012 and is an extension of the exhibition on the history of Estonian money.