What can you do at museum?

What does ‘price stability’ mean to the central bank? What measures are at the disposal of the central bank in influencing price stability? How does banking work? Why are settlement systems important in ensuring financial stability? Why does Eesti Pank own a lot of assets? Why does the central bank need economic forecasts? If these are questions you are interested in the answers to, you are in the right place – we cover all this and more at the Museum.

As such, the museum focuses on money and everything a central bank deals with.

The exhibition consists of written texts as well as animation and video clips. In addition to exciting viewing and reading materials, you can test your knowledge in various games. For example, you can see if you know how to check whether money is authentic and whether you can tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit banknotes. You can also forecast economic development and try your hand at managing the central bank’s external assets. The feel of the era is conveyed by waxworks of the cultural figures presented on the Estonian kroon banknotes, who hold pleasant conversations. The money that has been in circulation in Estonia as well as the models used to create money and Estonia’s historical gold bar from 1922 are also displayed.

You can exchange Estonian kroons for euros and buy Eesti Pank souvenirs in the museum shop.

A press room where we organise press conferences, public talks and other events is also located here.

You are welcome to the museum!