Eesti Pank is calling for designs for a silver coin dedicated to Hanseatic Pärnu



Eesti Pank has announced a competition to design a collector coin dedicated to Hanseatic Pärnu, which will be open to individual designers or to groups. The prize for the winner of the design competition is 2000 euros.

The coin will be the third in a series of collector coins for the Hanseatic towns of Estonia, following coins dedicated to Tallinn and Viljandi. At the proposal of the advisory committee operating at Eesti Pank, the central bank will issue a silver collector coin with a nominal value of 8 euros in 2021, which will be dedicated to the Hanseatic town of Pärnu.

Individuals and groups of designers are welcome to participate in the design competition, and designers may submit multiple designs to the competition. The deadline for the submission of designs is 30 October 2020 at 12.00.

The prize for the winner of the design competition is 2000 euros, while the second-placed design will win 700 euros and third-placed 500 euros. The results of the competition will be announced by Eesti Pank on 15 February 2021 at the latest.

See the detailed conditions for entry to the design competition for the silver collector coin dedicated to Hanseatic Pärnu.

Eesti Pank is happy to receive suggestion for collector and commemorative coins by post or email or through its website. The bank passes all the suggestions it receives to the advisory committee for analysis and expert opinion. The proposals of the advisory committee are used by the management of Eesti Pank when they decide on which commemorative and collector coins to issue.

The collector coins issued by Eesti Pank

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