The Governor of the Swedish Riksbank will deliver a public lecture at Eesti Pank



On 7 February, Erik Thedéen, the Governor of the Swedish central bank Sveriges Riksbank will visit Tallinn and deliver a public lecture in Eesti Pank. His lecture will focus on the current state of the Swedish economy and monetary policy. The seminar will be available for everyone to watch live online.

Eesti Pank will hold a public seminar in its Independence Hall on 7 February at 11.30–12.30, in which the Governor of the Swedish central bank Erik Thedéen will give a presentation on the state of the Swedish economy and the monetary policy choices of the central bank in the face of high inflation, a weak exchange rate, and high debt levels in the private sector. The introduction to the lecture will be given by Eesti Pank Governor Madis Müller, who will also join a discussion and summary after the presentation.

How Estonia’s export markets fare is important for the recovery in the Estonian economy, and one of the main markets is Sweden. The Estonian and Swedish financial sectors are tightly connected, and the strength or weakness of the Swedish krona greatly affects the business opportunities of a lot of Estonian companies. Sweden is Estonia’s third largest export partner behind Finland and Latvia.

Erik Thedéen has been Governor of the Swedish central bank since 1 January 2023. In 2015–2022 he headed the Swedish financial supervisor, and prior to that he was State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance. He has also served as Deputy Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office, CEO of the Stockholm Stock Exchange and Managing Director at KPA Pension.

To listen to the seminar

Everyone who wants to can watch and listen to the seminar on the Eesti Pank website. It can also be followed on the Eesti Pank Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Please note: Attendance in person is by invitation.

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