Eesti Pank is holding two simultaneous competitions to design commemorative coins



Eesti Pank is inviting submissions of designs for two two-euro commemorative coins, one dedicated to the centenary of the Tartu Peace Treaty and the other commemorating the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. Both individuals and groups of designers are welcome to participate in the design competitions.

The Tartu Peace Treaty was signed between Estonia and Soviet Russia on 2 February 1920, and it fixed the eastern border of Estonia, bringing an end to the War of Independence. The two-euro coin for the centenary of the Tartu Peace Treaty will enter circulation in early 2020.

The two-euro commemorative coin for the bicentenary of the discovery of Antarctica will also enter circulation in early 2020. The discovery is linked to Estonia because one of the first men to see Antarctica in 1820 was Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen, a Baltic German seafarer born in Saaremaa, who documented the discovery.

The design competition aims to find suitable designs for the national side of the commemorative coins, as the common side of such coins is always the same and cannot be changed. Correctly formatted designs should be sent to Eesti Pank by 12.00 on 18 February 2019 at the latest to: Mündižürii, Eesti Pank, Estonia pst 13, 15095 Tallinn.

Participants in the design competition can submit more than one design and the winners will be announced by the panel invited by Eesti Pank by 30 April 2019 at the latest. Once the coin is released, the designers of the three best submissions will receive prizes. The winning designer will get 2000 euros, the second placed design will get 700 euros, and the third placed 500.

Eesti Pank is happy to receive suggestions for commemorative and collector coins by post or email or through its website. The bank passes all the suggestions it receives to the advisory committee for analysis and expert opinion. The proposals of the advisory committee are used by the management of Eesti Pank when they decide on which commemorative and collector coins to issue.

The committee is chaired by Mart Laar, and its members are Aino Lepik von Wirén, Piret Õunapuu, Ivar Leimus, Raul Rebane, Toomas Kiho and Lauri Vahtre.

The technical conditions and the procedures for assessing the designs (zip-files)

The collector coins issued by Eesti Pank

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