The silver coin dedicated to Hanseatic Pärnu will use the design by Aidi Mesi



The competition to design a silver coin dedicated to Hanseatic Pärnu was won by Aidi Mesi. The Eesti Pank Supervisory Board decided that the design named Kurss Pärnule, or Course for Pärnu, was the best submitted.

The winning designer explained that she was inspired by the idea of the Hanseatic League, which was primarily a maritime trade organisation in the North and Baltic Seas, and within which Pärnu or Uus-Pärnu was one of the most important seaports in Livonia.

“The design symbolises maritime trade with the geographical coordinates of Pärnu and a compass, which seafarers used to set their course in mediaeval times and still do today. I believe this design for the coin is still relevant today, as Pärnu is not only a seaside resort town, but also a seafaring and port town”, Aidi Mesi said.

The winning designer Aidi Mesi graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in graphic design and works as a freelance designer and graphic design instructor.

The central bank will issue the silver coin dedicated to Hanseatic Pärnu with a nominal value of eight euros into circulation most probably in spring 2021.

In total 66 designs were submitted for the competition. The winning design was by Aidi Mesi, and second place went to Kristen Ukanis. Joint third place was awarded to designs by Heino Prunsvelt and Rainer Kasekivi.


The programme of issuing commemorative and collector coins up to 2022 is published on the Eesti Pank website

The collector coins issued earlier by Eesti Pank can be seen on the Eesti Pank website

Suggestions for issuing collector and commemorative coins are welcome from everyone, and can be sent through the Eesti Pank website at, by email or by post. All the suggestions are considered by an advisory committee at Eesti Pank, and their expert opinions and recommendations are used as the basis for the Executive Board of Eesti Pank to decide which coins to mint.

The final appearance of the coin may differ slightly from the winning design Kurss Pärnule for technical reasons.

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